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There’s no honourable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war. Except its ending.
—Abraham Lincoln (via timeyspaceymadman)


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Her heart warmed at that and more tears pricked at her eyes. 'Welcome back'- two simple words that had hear filled with more self acceptance than she had ever felt before in her long life. She had been away for too long, settling in with Link to live a domestic life with the one she had long ago come to see as her own kin... It was truly a dream come true. "It's good to be back." Never had Navi spoken more honest words, she had found home once more and she never wanted to leave again.


If this was a dream, it had healed his broken heart more than any man made medicine had ever hoped to. And if it was a dream that was far too good for a hero who hadn’t yet deserved something so kind, no magic Link had ever felt in his lifetime would ever make him feel the way her smile did right at this moment. If it was a dream, he was going to hold on for as long as he was able to, and just for added measure, hang on a bit more tightly after that.

Because if this was all some kind of dream, he didn’t want to wake up from it.

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I didn’t fail. I DID IT. I even got 100 on my final project :’3 Unofficial transcript has my average at 95, all of my assignments are done; my job search projects are done… I’m in tears I am just so relieved and proud of myself ;w; Fuck yeah just. Good job me :’3


Kai stood in the doorway to the bathing tent with a subtly expectant expression on her face. Her own hair was still damp from the bath she had taken to wash out all the blood and anything else she had picked up during the day. She should have guessed he would be here of all places after seeing him and the rest of the patrol group return to camp. 

" There’s a war council being held and the tactician insists that all the Einherjar are present." She recalled something being said about ’ new perspectives’, though she was interested in hearing what all the lords and heroes of legend would have to say. The mercenary was still learning all of the heroic lore known about the lands and found each conversation with an Einherjar to become a learning experience.

The female tossed a clean towel near the foot of the tub and turned around to avert her gaze. ” Dry yerself and get some clothes on, the council’s already started. You and Leif are the only that haven’t shown up yet so I was sent to find ye. And please,” she paused in mid sentence to scratch at a sudden itch on the back of her neck, ” don’t call me ’ Lady Kai’, just Kai will suffice.

"I see- understood Kai." He had to bite his lip to keep in a weary groan, a war meeting? Really? So much for his bath. They couldn’t have waited until they knew everyone was clean and warm before starting it…? Apparently not, and though he understood that during war time was something not to be wasted and taken for granted… He was going to have to deal with not being properly clean until the meeting was over, and yes he was going to mentally grumble about it for the next few hours at least.

His unhappy thoughts finally caused a deep sigh to leave the red head, a scowl was now firmly fixed on his face. "I’ll be but a few moments more…" At the very least he could scrub the mud from his face and hair- just being in the water should clean most of the dirt and blood from the rest of his body right? Hopefully.

Only one way to find out however. Roy leaned backwards so he could slide down the edge of the tub and into the water; fingers stroked through his hair to try and get the strands as clean as possible without a proper washing. Next those fingers rubbed at the skin of his face, as he felt the grime of the day being scrubbed away he had the idle thought that maybe his towel would be able to scrub the rest of the blood and mud from him… He’d have to try it.

Breaking through the surface Roy immediately shook his head to shake water from his hair. Proceeding to lean over the edge to near blindly feel along the ground for the towel (water was in his eyes making everything rather blurry for the moment) he had to shiver from the contrast between the warm water and the less warm air of the tent. It was a good thing he no longer got sick, if he caught a cold on top of his bath being interrupted… he’d be rather sullen for awhile needless to say. 

"Do you know what the meeting is about, perchance?" It’d be nice to know what was calling him away from the warm water, and also Roy we know you’re pissy about your bath but can we move on from that please? Yes? Yes. Good. Now stop bitching and write the rest of your post. Roy’s internal bitching about his bath now over with, said red head finally found his towel and dried his face before rising from the water and stepping over the edge to stand on the smaller towel in front of the bath. 

The material in his hands was wrapped around his waist and once more scarlet strands were brushed back from his face- his hair was starting to get long, but unfortunately the only way to make it stay short was if someone were to alter his hair on the card he now belonged to… He’d rather no one attempt such a thing though, who knows what sort of mistakes could happen to him if one were to draw upon his card… Ugh it caused a shudder down his spine just imagining the horrors!

"Of course I promise!" Navi once more stroked her friends cheek and smiled at him with that motherly smile she donned when she knew he needed it most. "I think I've been away long enough, settling down and living with you again sounds more than wonderful Link." *casually replies super late with cookies of apology*


This was so much more selfish than he had any right to be.

As a hero, he’d been lucky enough to get such a fairy as a companion, even if it was only once. To get to see her again meant he had done something very good, something had actually been done right for a change in his life, to deserve the privilege. Asking her to stay? Having someone who should have been lost to him remain by his side? She should have been an illusion, but she felt real, and he really wanted her to stay with him.

He didn’t have a right to ask for that. Link shouldn’t even be considering it. “Welcome back.” But he was going to be selfish, just this once.  

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In an alternate world where Einherjar aren’t confined to their cards outside of battle, this ask takes place. Also in a place that has bath-tubs because fuck if I know how the hell bathing while not in a house works in Awakening ;>3>

Nothing like a downpour of rain to cause a battleground to turn in to one hell of a deadly mud fight. At least the water helped to wash away the blood of allies and enemies alike, though it did little to wash away the stains from the living.  Most everyone else had gone already to wash and change, Roy and a few others had stayed to patrol and ensure that the area was truly safe. This of course meant that by the time the red head was finally able to trudge to the bath to strip himself of mud caked clothes, he was rather looking forward to a steamy soak.

A quiet sigh passed through the einherjar’s lips as he settled into the water, weary muscles near instantly relaxing upon being submerged in the steaming liquid. Yes, this was exactly what he needed after such a tiring day~ Dark sapphire eyes closed and thoughts began to trail off as Roy began to settle into mindless bliss- until the door opened and he swore an eyebrow twitched with frustration. Just couldn’t get a small break, could he?


He heard someone call his name, reluctantly he pushed himself up so that his upper body was no longer submerged as it had been moments before. A hand rose to brush strands of crimson from his face so he could better see who was addressing him. "Ah- Lady Kai; I must admit I didn’t expect to run in to you here of all places. Is there something you need assistance with?" 'If there is please for the love of the gods tell me it can wait until after I'm clean.'

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